Pearl Jam have a new album coming out and El Paso fans will have a unique opportunity to hear the whole thing in a very cool way 3 days before it's released.

The new Pearl Jam album, "Dark Matter", will be in stores April 19th. A few days before that, on April 16th, Pearl Jam fans in El Paso, (and around the world), can listen to the entire album together at a very cool listening party.

Dark Matter is Pearl Jam's 12th album and a world tour is set to begin in May. 3 days before Dark Matter is released, a ton of listening parties will take place in theaters all over the world. During these events, fans will hear the new album, in its entirety, twice.

With a special, one night only global theatrical experience Pearl Jam fans will be among the very first to hear the band's new record Dark Matter on April 16 in select cinemas around the world with “Dark Matter in The Dark.” Presented with the best cinematic technology, in Atmos where available, fans at the global cinema event will hear Dark Matter in its entirety twice, before it’s available anywhere! First in a dark cinema with just the music playing and then a second time experiencing the record with added visuals on screen during playback. -

"Dark Matter In The Dark" takes place in El Paso at Cinemark Theater in the Las Palmas Shopping Center. See all the different screenings around the country and the world here. Get tickets for the El Paso party here.

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