Disturbed holds a special place in the hearts of El Paso, Texas. Not only is their bassist, John Moyer, a proud El Pasoan for his whole life, but Disturbed has played many times in El Paso in the past, giving us some truly amazing & memorable shows too.

How many times has Disturbed played El Paso, Texas?

Since 2002, El Paso has seen Disturbed a total of 4 times; the first 2 appearances were both at the Don Haskins Center:

  • November 6, 2002, when Disturbed opened up for Korn
  • & April 11, 2003 for their Music as a Weapon Tour. Taproot & Chevelle also played that same concert.

The band had 2 performances before John joined the band in 2005. We'd have to wait 4 years later before Disturbed would come back...but they did. February 2, 2009. The first time Disturbed played El Paso with one of our own in the band.

The last time Disturbed would play in El Paso was at Speaking Rock in 2016; October 19. Chevelle & Nothing More would open up for the show but of course... the main event was none other than Disturbed.

So far we haven't seen Disturbed in El Paso for a while but we DID see John Moyer come back to El Paso in 2018 when opening up for Fozzy at Speaking Rock on March 4. John was playing bass for one of his side projects, Dark Sky Choir.

2 years later, Kevin Vargas was able to speak to John Moyer in 2020. John went into great details on his favorite memories living in El Paso & what he loves the most about El Paso.

While it's been over 7 years since we've last seen Disturbed in El Paso, one thing is for certain: if and when they do come back, we will be ready for their return.

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