El Paso, Texas will definitely feel the love with this one! It's beginning to look a lot like... Valentine's day?

Devin Phaly via Unsplash
Devin Phaly via Unsplash

That's right, we may have just entered the new year, but some of us are already looking forward to the holiday of love!  Is it just me or does it feel like they bust out the Valentine's stuff earlier and earlier every year? I'm still trying to collect all the Christmas tree shaped Snickers and here come all the heart shaped ones!

Valentine's day is on a Wednesday this year, and it's February 14 (just in case you needed a reminder!). Despite it falling in the middle of the week, the gifts and treats are already flying off the shelves at stores- and don't even get me started on that whole Valentine's day Stanley cups fiasco!

This year, if you really want to stand out and show your sweetie how much you really care, well, Ozzy is here to help!

Ozzy, if you don't know, is the El Paso Locomotive mascot, and he's great!

Well, if you're a big Locomotive fan and want to really wow your sweetie this year, Ozzy will be hand delivering Valentine's Grams this year and it will only cost you $25- that's probably a lot cheaper than the flowers and candies you may find at the last minute!

You can order yours here. The deadline to order is February 5th and time slots will be given on a first come first serve basis.

Who needs flowers when you can have Ozzy?!

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