Comedian, actor and writer Richard Lewis, who was no stranger to El Paso, has died at the age of 76.

Comedian Richard Lewis died at home after suffering a heart attack. One of his more recent tv roles was on Curb Your Enthusiasm where he, basically, played himself along with his good friend and star of the show Larry David. (Who also kind of plays himself.)

He left "Curb" in 2021 but returned for a one scene appearance in the current season.

Richard Lewis' El Paso ties had to do with his relationship with a former KLAQ program director named Arin Michaels.

Arin was at KLAQ from the beginning up until around 1984 and was one of my early inspirations. I got to spend quite a bit of time with her as my brother worked at KLAQ at the time.

He used the "air" name Pepe Lopez and I, of course, was a typical little brother; always following big brother around. What 17 year old wouldn't follow his brother to various radio station stuff to interviews, crazy parties and various backstage antics?

Back to Arin, she and Richard Lewis dated for a while so, yeah ... he was around a lot. The Q had an actual limousine back then and I drove her and Richard around on a date in it one night.

When Joe Elliott, (maybe) accidentally, offended El Pasoans with his infamous "greasy Mexicans" remark, Arin was the one who arranged and aired his apology.

She actually gave me my start in radio, allowing my brother to put me on air for a little bit while they made some changes at the station. Hearing about Lewis' death brought back some amazing memories of a good friend.

May they both rest in peace.

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