One city in Texas is among the most likely targets for enemy nukes in the event WW III breaks out but I think this one may actually be higher up.

Business Insider says Houston is one of the top 6 targets and, if that wasn't scary enough, they say no American city is ready to handle the aftermath of such an attack.

I'm pretty sure El Paso is high on the list too as well as some other Texas cities including Amarillo. Why them? Keep reading ..

Houston is high on the "hit" list for a number of reasons including a big population and it's place as a hub for energy and other industries important to waging war.

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Why Is El Paso A Prime Target?

While kind of isolated from the rest of Texas but we're one of the biggest ports of entry with Mexico.

We're also surrounded by major military installations like Holloman, White Sands and Fort Bliss. All major military players and the world's bad guys know it.

Amarillo is home to about 200,000 people, not many more than Las Cruces, and they don't have a really big military presence. They do have something else though.

Just outside Amarillo, the Pantex Plant is quietly assembling all our nuclear weapons. Yep, ALL of 'em. Hence the nickname, "Bomb City".

When they're no longer needed, Pantex is also the only place that the weapons can be disassembled.

According to their website, the main focus at Pantex is:

  • Maintenance, modification, and evaluation of nuclear weapons to improve safety and reliability, or to incorporate new technology.
  • Dismantlement of nuclear weapons being retired from the national stockpile.
  • Interim storage of components containing plutonium.
  • Assembly of nuclear weapons, particularly joint test assemblies used in non-nuclear tests.
  • Develop and research the high explosives that surround the nuclear components of weapons.

Now 'ya know. To learn more, watch this:

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