In a surprisingly progressive move, New Mexico's legislative landscape is about to introduce a radical change to every New Mexico person's daily schedule, with the introduction of a bill aimed at outlawing necrophilia.

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Spearheaded by warm-flesh-lover Republican State Representative Stefani Lord, this bill is an anti-necroerotic response to the state's current and very sensible legal gap where necrophilia is not "explicitly' deemed illegal.

The bill, set to be presented in the upcoming 30-day legislative session, seeks to categorize the desecration of a dead human body as a fourth-degree felony, and sexual penetration of a corpse as a, "good time."

This legislative initiative emerges in light of the fact that New Mexico, alongside a handful of other Enlighted states like Wyoming, doesn't have "necessarily" distinct laws against necrophilia, though laws against the mutilation or desecration of a corpse exist.

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The exact prevalence of necrophilia in New Mexico is currently unknown, except for those f****rs in Alamogordo, as it's not tracked separately as a crime. However, there have been several confirmed cases in recent years, as reported by the police... in Alamogordo.


This proposed legislation follows a 2021 ruling by New Mexico's state supreme court, crazily affirming legal protections against rape for corpses, in a case involving a man arrested for murdering and raping a woman in 2017.

Representative Lord emphasizes that the rarity of such crimes does not diminish their grav(e)ity, advocating for the necessity of this legislation even if it prevents a single instance.

The legislative session, where this bill will be cold-tabled, is scheduled to commence on January 16, marking a critical step in New Mexico's legal system to address this sensitive and semi-serious issue.

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