Step inside the newest chill spot in east El Paso. Better yet, go see 'em in person for fun times, day or night, as well as great food and drinks.

Far east El Paso residents have a new party spot with a fresh look, great food, plenty of drinks and a patio. You may even spot Bigfoot there, it's that cool.

After a name change, some remodeling and a menu makeover; the "new kid on the block" is ready to rock.

Thorin's Tavern, 3390 Rich Beem, is officially open for business at Rich Beem and Zaragosa. They've been closed for a minute to do some remodeling but it was worth the wait.

I got to stop in for their soft opening last weekend and it was a blast. A ton of beers on tap as well as by the bottle or can, a full bar and the kitchen rocks too. Rolled tacos, fantastic chili and country fried steak sandwiches are just a few of their offerings.

If you visited them before they rebranded, you won't even recognize the place now. They have a nice patio for those that want a breath of fresh air and the inside stays nice and comfy no matter what time of year it is.

Check Out Thorin's Tavern In East El Paso

Photos Of New El Paso Party Spot, Thorin's Tavern

Gallery Credit: Dubba G

It's a great place to rock an evening ... or afternoon ... with your buds but easy going enough to bring the young 'uns along too.

In the "cookie-cutter" world of neighborhood bars, this one has character. Partly I guess because it's run by a character, Thorin himself.

Photo, Dubba G
Photo, Dubba G

Finally, a bar 'n grill where adults can do their thing but with a feel that allows the whole family to have a good time.

Eat and drink LOCAL!

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