In Texas, we know there have so many local metal & rock legends in history. But we damn sure know the name LEMMY. El Paso ALSO knows the name Lemmy & Motorhead too; we were fortunate enough to see legends in person before.

Motorhead has given El Paso amazing shows since the 1980s

The first time Lemmy would bring Motorhead to the Sun City was back on June 21, 1981. Motorhead would open up for Ozzy Osbourne & would play the El Paso County Coliseum while they were promoting their Ace of Spades Tour. We definitely know this because the band's official X account posted this old school AAA pass from that very same tour.

Since then, Motorhead would appear 3 more times:

While photos & videos for most of these shows are hard to find online (if there IS any), there DOES exist fan footage from their 2008 concert. So we can see Lemmy's iconic mutton chops perform for the fans.

Another piece of Motorhead/El Paso history is this heavy cover of "Orgasmatron" performed by Sepultura during their Dec, 17 1990 concert. If only Lemmy saw this live...

Sadly 2008 would be the last time El Paso would see Lemmy or Motorhead perform live here. The hopes of a return would also diminish after Lemmy passed away on December 28, 2015...

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Lemmy was & forever will remain a metal god. R.I.P. Lemmy. I hope you & Phil Taylor are reunited again.

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