There comes a point in everyone's life -- from Arizona and across the U.S. -- when it's time to buy a car. We take a lot of time thinking and planning for this moment most of the time. This is why it's a painful thought that you could become a victim of vehicle theft. 

How likely is my car to be stolen in Arizona?

According to statistics from 2023, 14,681 vehicles had been stolen in Arizona. The data goes further by saying some cities have much higher rates of auto theft in Arizona than others. The top 10 were determined to be:

1 - Phoenix

2- Tucson

3 - Mesa

4 - Glendale

5 - Tempe

6 - Scottsdale

7 - Yuma

8 - Chandler

9 - Peoria

10 - Avondale

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There are some ways to help prevent your vehicle from being stolen

There are several tips provided by Allstate that everyone should keep in mind. Some are things everyone should already be doing, like locking your doors; removing the keys; closing the windows; and leaving no valuables behind.

But they also offered some other tips I may not have ever thought about -- like installing a tracking system to know your vehicle location and installing a vehicle immobilizer to prevent hotwiring. You can find even more tips here. 

But if you take away anything from this, please at least lock your car, take your keys, and be aware of your surroundings! This would at least help deter potential threats.

Some cars are more likely to be stolen than others

Unfortunately, some car models are more likely to be stolen. It's hard to think that a car you may have been dreaming of could be one of the 10 most commonly taken in Arizona, but the truth is, any car could be stolen.

Also, know that older car models are easier for thieves to take -- they don't necessarily want the shiny new vehicle in the lot. Those older parts could be good to make some money off of by selling parts, and it doesn't hurt that older models lack the security of more modern vehicles. Auto Appraisal Network gives some good information about why thieves prefer old cars.

So, let's take a look at the 10 most stolen vehicles in Arizona: 

10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Arizona

We all put a lot of thought into the car we are going to buy, but what if yours happens to get stolen? Take caution and know what cars are most often stolen in Arizona:

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