El Paso is lucky in the sense that we have only one venomous type of snake and it will actually sound an alarm if you get too close to it.

Around Texas and most of the USA ... I say "most" because Alaska has no snakes at all and Hawaii only has 2 venomous ones, one of which lives at sea ... you can find as many as 4 dangerous/deadly species and they give no warning at all.

When it comes to copperheads, water moccasins and coral snakes; the only break you get is them deciding they don't WANT to bite you.

Rattlers are very reclusive, don't care for humans much and will typically back off if you will. Don't bother them and they won't bother you. If you do have to deal with one, say it's in your yard or something, call 311 and let them handle it.

The desert areas around El Paso are, (literally), crawling with these guys but stumbling across one really isn't that common. I've been shooting, 4 wheeling, dirt bike riding, etc in the deserts around El Chuco for decades and have come across live rattlers less than 15 times.

If you do see one in the wild, remember rule #1 - don't bother it and it won't bother you. Notify someone, like a park ranger, if you can and alert others who are nearby.

Where Are You Most Likely To Find A Rattlesnake In El Paso?

Once away from the city, I don't think any area is more rattlesnake prone than another. If there is a water source nearby or lots of rodents, you might want to pay a little extra attention.

Photo, Getty Images/Canva
Photo, Getty Images/Canva

There are 2 places you are guaranteed to spot a rattler though. The El Paso Zoo has a few that can be safely observed. (The EP Zoo was actually, originally, a roadside snake show for passing tourists.) Indian Cliffs Ranch has an actual "snake pit".

The last time I was there, it had about 15 in it that you could see up close. Not close enough to get bit but close enough to observe and get photos of these amazing creatures.

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