It's no surprise that El Paso LOVES small businesses. That was made QUITE clear when we asked "what's a small business that YOU love to support" on our Facebook page. Nearly 500 COMMENTS and counting.

These are small businesses that El Paso loves the most

Now don't worry we won't go through EVERY single one, but we WILL mention some of the most popular choices.

Dee Garcia was even nice to include her own personal top 10 (in no order mind you):

"Serenity Salon & Spa, Postal Solution & Notary Express, The Clock Restaurant, L&M Creations, Bossmom’s Creations, McKenzie’s Mutts, The Dog Stop, R&S Meat Market, The Boardwalk at Ricky’s, Compa Elote"

And that's just ONE page. As I stated before, there were WAY...WAY MORE businesses that were mentioned on our KLAQ page. If you want to see some of the other businesses that your fellow El Pasoans support, you can see that giant thread on Facebook here.

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25 Small Local Businesses That El Paso Loves to Support

We've certainly seen the love be felt for small businesses in El Paso. While we can't post the literal HUNDREDS of suggestions we got online, we WILL post 25 of them here for you to enjoy.

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