At what age should someone in Arizona be able to legally get married? This is a question that everyone would probably answer differently.

Some may say 18, seeing as that's when you become a legal adult in Arizona. While others may think it's fine to get married a little younger or that you need to be older. It truly is a matter of personal beliefs.

Here is what the Arizona law says

The legal age for marriage varies from state to state. Stewart Law Group says in Arizona, the age of consent for marriage is 18. If you are wanting to get married under the age of 18, some steps must be completed.

Those under the age of 18 wanting to get married MUST have content from a parent or legal guardian. If one or both parties are under the age of 16, then along with parental or legal guardian consent, they must also have court approval.

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Age requirements for marriage in other states

Like Arizona, almost all the states say 18 is the legal age of consent for marriage. The only exceptions according to are Nebraska with an age requirement of 19 and Mississippi with a requirement of 21. All states require parental consent if you want to get married any younger than 18.

The youngest you can get married in America with parental/legal guardian consent is 14 years old in New Hampshire. Massachusetts has no minimum age limit set to get married with parental consent. Followed by these states are Hawaii, Kansas, and Missouri with teens able to get married at 15 with consent.

What are your thoughts on getting married younger than 18?

Personally, I couldn't imagine my 18-year-old self -- or even younger self-- getting married. But I also know that not everyone's views or even circumstances align with mine.

So long as everything is done legally, I wish those who do get married young the best! The right decision for one person is not the right one for all.

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