It's not only the second largest base in Texas, it's also one of the oldest in the entire United States.

The oldest military base in Texas, Fort Sam Houston, was established in 1845. Only beating Fort Bliss by, (about), 3 years.

Fort Sam Houston moved in 1876 but it was not until 1890, 14 years later, that it become a permanent military installation.

Fort Bliss, first established in 1848, is not only one of the lone star states oldest military installations; it's the second biggest one in Texas. Well, partly in Texas anyway.

In terms of "training area", Fort Bliss can be considered the biggest not only in Texas but in the United States.

Fort Bliss is home to the largest training area in the United States - larger than the National Training Center on Fort Irwin and the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk. With over 965,000 acres, it is also larger than all of the training areas of Fort Hood and Fort Riley combined. -

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It also boasts the largest tract of restricted airspace in the country.

Funny thing though ... while Fort Bliss is recognized as the 2nd biggest in Texas; it isn't ALL in Texas.

In fact only 10 percent of it lies within the lone star state. 90% of it is in New Mexico.

Crazy, huh??

The biggest, should you care, is Fort Cavazos, near Killeen, Texas.

Originally Fort Hood, it was renamed in honor of Gen. Richard E. Cavazos.

He was the first Hispanic, 4 star general, in the United States Army.

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