Following a report I wrote about the FBI concluding their investigation into usage of city-issued gas cards, City Council Rep. Cassandra Hernandez joined us in the studio Friday to give her side of the situation.

Hernandez, who is running for El Paso mayor, explained that she didn’t break any policy or rules, which was also the determination by an EPPD investigation.

A caller to the show asked Cassandra about an interview on ABC-7 KVIA in which she, Hernandez, said that she was the only person to use the card. Cassandra responded that KVIA had taken her out of context.

“You mention the KVIA story. I’ve asked them to share the entire statement…In the context of that conversation…was referencing you know, my primas, my cousins…my mom, my family. What I considered to be my expenses is including my husband.”

                                               ---Cassandra Hernandez on the Buzz Adams Morning Show

The interviewer (me) had no problem with that answer. KVIA, however, did have a problem.

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ABC 7/ KVIA via YouTube

ABC 7/ KVIA via YouTube

They denied taking Representative Hernandez out of context as well as a denial that they “refused to show the whole video”, another of Hernandez’s claims.

So, KVIA did a whole story about our interview. And, they played the tape. You can see their story, here.

It seems to boil down to this: in the May 2023 interview Cassandra said SHE was the only one who used her city-issued gas card. She is now, as of our Friday interview saying that she really meant she AND HER HUSBAND were the only ones to use the gas card.

Later in the month of May, 2023 KVIA showed video of Cassandra’s husband fueling a Toyota pick-up using the city card.

Hernandez told us that she and her husband sometimes swap vehicles and that he occasionally would fill up for her using the city gas card.

That part I can understand. But, putting PREMIUM in a TOYOTA? That just seems like the kind of wasteful expense you only do if you’re using someone else’s money.

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