Tamal season has officially hit El Paso, Texas. Tamal sales are flowing across the borderland from famous restaurants to the lady at the Food King parking lot, everyone in El Paso is trying to get their fix!

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

Tamales are delicious and they are constantly evolving, you have a different variety to choose from. You have regular red tamales with corn husks, sometimes they're wrapped in banana leaves, sweet tamales and even hot Cheeto tamales!

There are also a ton of ways to enjoy them, my favorite? Red tamales topped with chile con queso. Classic. I'm usually not one to judge, but I recently found out that some people like their tamales with ketchup and I. WAS. SHOOKETH!

Apparently, it's a south Texas thing, because reading the comments, they really love ketchup on their tamales down there!

But here in El Paso? It's plain and simple: you better not be putting ketchup on your tamales!

El Pasoans have spoken and they are team "No Ketchup".

One tamal lover said:

Ketchup on a tamale? That's sacrilege. What demon does this?

I had never even heard of ketchup being put on tamales- I like ketchup and I like tamales, but I think I know better than to put them together! I was shamed for even asking such a question!

Even asking this question is wrong!

I get it, everyone has different tastes, ketchup and tamales is not for everyone, it's an acquired taste that unfortunately for me, my palate has not acquired. Is this the ultimate food crime? Let us know in the App Chat!

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