El Paso, Texas has some amazing news people; from KFOX to KVIA to KTSM. We've seen several move to other news stations to make huge names for themselves. One of those names is Juan Carlos Navarrete, the former reporter/newscaster from KVIA El Paso.

He recently moved to Chicago in 2022 to work for NBC 7 Chicago & already he's winning awards for his groundbreaking news stories. This week it was announced that he won an Emmy at the 65th Annual Chicago/Midwest Emmys.

What award did Juan Carlos Navarete win?

Juan's story "Asylum Seekers Journey to Chicago" was nominated for the category called "Outstanding Achievement for News Gathering - Societal Concerns"; a story talking about people from across the border who gave themselves up to the Border Patrol. Those people would then be taken from shelters, being placed on buses & would be taken across the state to cities like Washington D.C. & Chicago. Living in El Paso, we've seen that happen first hand many many times & JC, I'm sure, has seen that happen too while working for KVIA.

So he decided to do a story on the people coming from another country and being brought into Chicago. In fact back in October 2022, he put a teaser for his news story on Facebook.

The story was so incredible that he won the Emmy & when he gave his speech, he continued to show his love & Texas roots by while a nice pair of cowboy boots. JC might be a Chicago native now, but he'll always be a Texan (and an El Pasoan) at heart.

JC would show off his Emmy on his Instagram page; where many people from his hometown (Iris Lopez & myself very much included) congratulated him in the comments.

As a fellow El Paso native, congratulations to JC for the Emmy win! Here's to many more in your future my friend.

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