It's been quite a while since I've stepped foot into a strip club- not because I'm a hater or anything- but they're usually too far for me!

Also, I don't want to mention names but someone on the Morning Show refuses to take me to one of the new strip clubs in town- and all I want to do is try the food- but I digress.

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In this day and age, you can leave a review for anything- AirBnB, restaurants and even your local gentleman's club; which is something I never imagined you could do.

CA Strip Club Becomes Employee-Owned And Unionized
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Well, I guess that anything is a go when it comes to reviewing a gentleman's club. Over on Twitter, the account @Stripgonewild AKA Strip Club Reviews Gone Wild, they round up some of the best reviews left behind by patrons of strip clubs across the country and I don't want to brag but one of their top reviews is from a strip club in good ol' El Paso!

The top Tweet, and, the most liked Tweet and review comes from Jaguars in El Paso, check it out below:

This patron got STABBED and would still consider going back! That place must have that certain something.

Pornographic Film Star Stormy Daniels, Who Alleges Affair With President Trump, Appears At Florida Strip Club
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Over at Dreams- this patron gave five stars but you are warned that a good time isn't cheap, and to be prepared to pay!

But you are also reminded that there is a dress code at Dreams and beanies are not allowed.

Over at one of our favorites, The Red Parrot, this patron gave five stars and a thumbs up.

But, of course, not all reviews can be positive; sometimes patrons encounter a bad night:

The dancers may have had the moves but there was no passion.

And at Jaguars, one patron was not too happy with the prices:

No one tell this person how much it costs in Vegas!

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