Seriously, it's the law. It's a law we need on the books in Texas too, not to mention every other state, and it should be STRICTLY enforced.

It sounds dumb, and it is, but it's true - a way old law says idiots cannot legally vote in the land of enchantment. I kinda have a feeling no one's really enforcing this one though. Call it a hunch but, yeah ... I think the idiots are totally voting.

It's a civil rights violation if someone prohibits a legally eligible voter from voting but, if you're an idiot, apparently, it's cool.

The burden of proof here is where it gets questionable. How, exactly, do you determine idiocy? Is there a test or an idiot detector similar to a lie detector? Can the decision be based on a series of bad voting choices in the past?

Even though it may not be clear how you prove an idiot to truly be an idiot, you still have to, by legal or medical opinion, if you want them barred from the polls.

As per the law of New Mexico, if you’re at least 21 years old, have been a resident of the state for one year, lived in the county for three months, and lived near the voting precinct for one month, you are eligible for voting. However, things change if you are considered an idiot, mentally unstable, or have been convicted of an infamous crime or felony. The catch is that the “idiot” needs to be medically or legally declared so – without proof, it is considered a violation of rights. -

Now if we could just make it illegal for idiots to drive ...

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