If you go to Houston, Texas, every year they hold the annual H-E-B Thanksgiving Parade. If you've ever gone to the parade in person, you know just how big & festive the events are every year (except for 2020 for...well obvious reasons). And I'm not the only one saying that; people around the world agree it's one of the BIGGEST Thanksgiving parades in the entire country.

When did Houston's H-E-B Thanksgiving Parade start?

The very first Thanksgiving parade held in Houston was back in 1949, when Santa arrived at Union Station and rode his sleigh to the Foley's department store. For years it became the city's Thanksgiving tradition. You can see footage of what the parade looked like in 1968 down below (and through out the years here).

Since then it was called the Foley's Thanksgiving Parade until 1994. Now its primary sponsor is H-E-B. Today it has become not only one of the biggest Thanksgiving parades in the entire state of Texas, but it has been regarded by many people & websites (like Travel Channel) as one of the best parades to attend in the United States.

Other amazing Texas Thanksgiving parades

Of course not to be out done, many other cities hold their own incredible Thanksgiving parades. Like Dallas,

& El Paso.

We've even seen dance troops form various Texas schools perform at THE biggest Thanksgiving parade: The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Such schools include the University of Texas at El Paso & Midland.

Regardless if we're celebrating at home or elsewhere, Texas LOVES to celebrate Thanksgiving. So matter where you are, we hope you have a lovely holiday season; happy holidays.

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