If you want to find ghosts, sometimes all you gotta do is travel to New Mexico. The state has hundreds of years of hauntings dating all the way back to the days of the Wild West. But where exactly do you start?

What are some of the most haunted locations in New Mexico?

One of the biggest cities in New Mexico, Albuquerque, is no stranger to hauntings; one of the places people highly recommend, if you want a good scare, is none other than the KiMo Theater located Downtown.

One of the most haunted locations in New Mexico was The Amador Hotel in Las Cruces. Sadly they closed their doors in 2023, but there's still talks of them, hopefully, restoring the hotel to be reopened again.

However there is ONE location in Las Cruces that IS still open, one that the Ghost Adventures have personally visited: the Old Doña Ana County Courthouse. To this day, local paranormal investigators have gone there in person to see what kind of evidence THEY have personally found.

Another place the Ghost Adventures loved checking out was actually in Las Vegas. No no no we're not talking THAT Las Vegas, the one located in New Mexico. One of the places they HAD to check out was the Castaneda Hotel. When they went to go visit the place, apparently SOMEONE had something to say to them...

Of course those are just a few of them you can find; as New Mexico is FULL of haunted history. There are plenty more locations for you to discover all over the state...

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