May the Fourth is nearly upon us and this year, Food City is throwing the event of the season where you won't have to travel to a galaxy far, far away!

What is May the Fourth?

May the Fourth, also known as "Star Wars Day" is an informal commemorative day observed annually on May 4th to celebrate the all things "Star Wars"; it comes from the iconic catchphrase "may the force be with you".

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Since then, "Star Wars" fans in the entire galaxy celebrate May the 4th as a day to show off their knowledge of the franchise. If you are looking to celebrate May the Fourth, you are in luck because Food City is throwing the ultimate May the Fourth bash!

The fun has actually already begun because Food City has teamed up with Price's Dairy to bring El Paso Star Wars-branded treats ahead of the annual May the 4th celebrations- this includes the iconic blue milk that was first introduced in “Star Wars: A New Hope", blue Conchas, blue cortadillos and blue donuts!

Then, the big celebration will take place at their Ranchland location at 7444 Gateway Blvd East, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM where Star Wars fans can gather to take pictures, participate in a costume contest, sample galactic treats, get their faces painted, and buy merchandise from local vendors- all "Star Wars" themed, of course. People who participate in the contest will have the chance to win a $50 gift card to Food City.

You can find out more about their celebration here.

May the fourth be with you!

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