The music scene in El Paso, Texas is full of talented musicians but we don't see too many Christmas songs. But we DO! And to prove it, here are a couple of festive locals who have given us Christmas tunes over the years.

Patrick Herrera

Special Edition "Christmas Party"

The El Paso pop rock band Special Edition released a very fitting Christmas song for 2023, one with an 80s vibe: "Christmas Party". I'd say that's most definitely fitting for the Christmas season.

Bloody Elephante

Santa's watching you, making sure you've been good...or naughty. And that's exactly what Bloody Elephante reminds you in their new song, "Naughty or Nice". So make sure to behave before Christmas...

Still I Stand "Merry Christmas I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight"

The El Paso punk band, Still I Stand, paid respects to The Ramones with their cover of "Merry Christmas I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight". This is actually the side project of Christopher Headley of Epitaph Romance.

Epitaph Romance "Krampusnaucht"

Speaking of Epitaph Romance, they love making Christmas songs about Krampus, the beast the scares naughty children. One song in particular is "Krampusnaucht".

Obscurity Within "Frau Perchta"

Another Christmas song about a Christmas beast is done by Obscurity Within; their song "Frau Perchta" is a Christmas in July song about the Christmas witch, Frau Perchta.

The Virtual Bar "Tinsel & Brimstone"

Formerly called the "No B.S. Jukebox", The Virtual Bar's song "Tinsel & Brimstone", tells the story of a demon who appreciates the Christmas spirit, despite living in a hellish world. The El Paso artist, Sketchy Goat, plays bass on this song along with her father, Mike Larson, on vocals.

Lefty & The Cronies "Frosty Brown"

If Frosty the Snowman hooked up with Mr. Hankie the Christmas Poo, it would probably be this; "Frosty Brown" is done by the hardcore punk band, Lefty & The Cronies. This isn't their only Christmas song; they also have "Jingle Bingle".

Big Cojones "Who's Gonna Ruin the Holidays"

Yes Christmastime isn't always a peaceful time, sometimes people like to ruin it for you & everyone. That's the case of the song by Big Cojones called "Who's Gonna Ruin the Holidays". The song was recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios & produced by Justin Leeah, the Grammy winning engineer for Ministry.

Little King

Sometimes we need a reminder about why Christmas is so important, being there for your fellow neighbor. That's Little King reminds us in "Charity", that the best thing you can do for someone for Christmas, is be selfless, caring & charitable to one another. The song has a nice cameo from Billy Townes on piano too.

Dayluta Means Kindess

And finally it wouldn't be a Christmas playlist without some Christmas classics. The instrumental post rock band, Dayluta Means Kindness, have done renditions of "O Holy Night" & "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel".

Other songs include Ron Cooper, he has a rendition of "Frosty the Snowman" on his Reverbnation & the Las Cruces band, All Who Follow, wrote "This Christmas You Got Me" for the holidays.

Happy Holidays!

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