El Paso drivers, and others across Texas and the United States of America, could be driving vehicles with a potentially deadly flaw.

A device in your vehicle, specifically designed and placed there to save your life, could just as quickly and easily end it.

A flaw in your cars airbag could cause way more problems than it solves. Here's how to see if yours is ok.

Airbags save lives every day but faulty airbags can really jack you up by not going off during an accident or by going off unexpectedly. No matter why they go off, they can do some damage including cuts, broken bones, burns and organ damage among other things. They can also be deadly.

How Can I Tell If My Airbags Are Defective?

Many airbags have been recalled for defects and, luckily, finding out if yours is one of them is super easy. Just go to checktoprotct.org and type in your info - you'll have your answer in no time. Mine checked out ok and it took only a few seconds.


Better safe than sorry - you can check yours right now, right here.

How Much Do Airbag Repairs Cost?

If yours turns out to be defective, don't worry about the bill ... the dealership will handle everything at no cost to you. It's a good idea to re-check your vehicle now and then as new recalls are announced from time to time.

Don't count on being notified by mail. "It can be difficult for manufacturers to find and alert you, especially if you own an older or used vehicle". (checktoprotect.org) You can also check for recalls here.

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