Without a doubt the most recognized & well loved football player to represent El Paso, Texas is former UTEP Miner & Green Bay Packers Aaron Jones. He shows the love for El Paso anytime he's on the football (just watch his famous 915 celebrations any time he scores).

That love for El Paso is definitely evident when he comes back home (he's even received a key to the city). And to proven his worth in the NFL as he's joined the NFL's Top 100 Players for 2023.

Green Bay Packers v Miami Dolphins
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What number is Aaron Jones in NFL's Top 100 Players

They posted their list on July 26th & if you go to Numbers 70 to 61, at #64, there you can clearly see Aaron Jones. They complimented Aaron on his career high 1,121 rushing yards & scoring 7 touchdowns during his 2022 season against the Philadelphia Eagles, the L.A Rams, the Washington Commanders, the Dallas Cowboys.

This isn't the first time Aaron Jones was in NFL's Top 100 Players List

While he missed the 2022 list, he WAS in the 2021 & 2020 list of Top 100 Players: He ranked #33 in 2020 & rose to #30 in 2021. As he joins the list in 2023, this marks the 3rd time in his career that he joins 99 other top NFL players.

Also included in the Top 100 NFL Players are some Dallas Cowboys

While at the time of this writing, the full list has YET to be revealed, these are the Cowboys on the list:

Here's top hoping 2023 will be a great season for Aaron Jones & for hopefully seeing him on the Top 100 list for 2024.

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