The general consensus is that Americans are not necessarily fans of 0-0 (or NIL-NIL) soccer games. FUTBAL games, if you will. It's harder to keep our attention over here in the land of the metric system.

But it was no problem keeping 'merica entertained during a 1-0 thrilling win against Iran which catapulted the USMNT into the knockout round of the World Cup in Qatar.

Ok I guess there wasn't too much action with only 1 goal and over 90 minutes of play, but a WIN! In soccer! On the global stage! Anyone with a vested interest in the match was surely on the edge of their seats. The United States needed a win, not a tie, to advance.

It was the game-winning goal from the best player on the team, Christian Pulisic, that made all the difference. But not without a kick in the nuts. Or, uh, the abdominal. In fact... Pulisic didn't even make it onto the field in the second half.

If you saw the play, unlike Buzz and I, you may have been thinking what KLAQ's own Duke Keith was thinking...

Yeah, he definitely may have put his manhood on the line for his country.

As luck would have it, Qatar time coincides well with El Paso. A noon kickoff made it perfect for an extended "All-American" lunch break. Qatar is 10 hours ahead of El Paso, which is in Mountain Time.

Even the kids over at Eastlake High School got in on the action. They appeared to be given some time to watch the game as a group, which as a teenager, is thrilling.

Whatever was or was not given up for Christian Pulisic to score the winning goal, El Pasoans went nuts. It seems like it was worth it to them. An update on the health of Pulisic is at the end of the article. And may I say, WORTH IT.

And finally, everyone, the main man. The legend. The abdominal injury survivor.

The hero. 

USMNT takes on the Netherlands this Saturday at 10:00 am MT in the knockout round of 16. See you there, Christian. Not all heroes wear capes... some wear tie-dye.

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