El Paso County Commissioners approved $300,000 dollars in funding to buy guns from Borderland residents.

It's a "no questions asked" gun buyback program modeled after a similar one held in Harris County. (Houston)

The "no questions asked" aspect may appeal to some but, if it's a legally owned firearm, being sold by a legally qualified and certified owner, why sell it for peanuts?

I am neither for or against this program.

I understand what they're trying to do and if it gets illegally owned firearms, (or legally owned ones that may potentially harm someone), safely removed from those with ill intent, cool.

I am speaking to legal gun owners who, for whatever reason, no longer want their weapon or just don't want as many weapons as they currently have.

The Houston gun buy back program exchanged gift cards worth between $50 - $200 for firearms. Most weapons are worth more than that. Some are worth a LOT more.

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El Paso officials haven't said how much they will give per weapon yet but don't take pennies on the dollar.

There are reputable gun dealers all over El Paso who will give you fair value for your hardware. Sportsman's Elite, for example.

If they don't buy it themselves, they may sell it or you on consignment.

All legal, above board and, best of all, you'll get what it's worth.

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Not all of the money allocated for this gun buyback deal will be used to purchase weapons by the way.

Only 60% of the funding will go toward purchasing weapons and getting them off the streets.

The rest is to pay staff ... who, probably, work for the county and already draw a salary so that puzzles me ... and to cover the cost of advertising the program.

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This article will bring this program to many people's attention, "advertising" it if you will, and I wrote it for free.

I wonder if I can bill someone for this ...

The only gun buyback event scheduled, so far, is October 28th at Ascarate Park.

Explore the Gun Range at the EPCC Mission Del Paso Campus

Located at the El Paso Community College Mission Del Paso Campus is the the Law Enforcement Training Academy. Inside they teach self-defense classes & have a gun range open to the public.

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