We've seen many bands become popular to present El Paso (look at The Mars Volta or Cigarettes After Sex) and we've seen musicians become huge names on their own. But there are also rock bands that've featured El Paso musicians; whether they were born here or raised here. Let's look at some of those famous musicians & the bands they play in. Let's start one that you & know VERY well:

John Moyer

Of course we know John as the amazing bassist for Adrenaline Mob, Art of Anarchy, The Union Underground and of course... Disturbed. The Coronado High School graduate been playing with Disturbed since 2005; first appearing on the Ten Thousand Fists album.

Pepe Clarke

Alison Roberto
Alison Roberto

The founder of the Let There Be Rock music school in El Paso, Pepe Clarke is known as the amazing drummer for the Los Angeles stoner metal band Kyng. Pepe has been with the band since its start in 2008 & still going strong.

Pat Bruders

Fans of Goatwhore, Down & Crowbar will be surprised to know that bassist Patrick "Pat" Bruders was born in El Paso. Old school metal fans still love his aggressive playing.

Robert Ortiz

Even though Escape the Fate was formed in Las Vegas, their drummer Robert Ortiz is a proud El Paso native & member of the Yselta del Sur Pueblo tribe. Robert even received a warm homecoming welcome when they performed in 2014.

Al Jourgenson/ Cesar Soto

2 members from the industrial metal band Ministry; Al Jourgenson has lived in El Paso (and even had his own recording studio in town) while Cesar Soto is a proud El Paso native.

Ruben Antonio Zamora

Jackie Schutza Photography
Jackie Schutza Photography

Those who live in Austin will know the metal band Bridges Ablaze formed by Brien Allen & Ruben Antonio Zamora. Ruben was in fact born & raised in El Paso; while talking to him Ruben told me he lived in El Paso until moving in 2014. However he still has love for the Sun City.

Never forget these amazing El Paso drummers

The late Charlie Quintana who played with The Plugz in the 1970s & Social Distortion in the 2000s. His playing can be heard on Social Distortion's Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll album. Charlie would sadly pass away on March 12, 2018.

& of course we can't forget Jimmy Carl Black who played with The Mothers of Invention & being Frank Zappa's legendary drummer/vocalist. Jimmy passed away on November 1, 2008

Honorable mentions:

Yes we know Stevie Nicks grew up here in El Paso for a short time, that's why she's included here on the list. It was here that she started her love for singing & of course we would know her for her work with Fleetwood Mac.

Another musician that was raised in El Paso is Joshua Winstead, originally born in Philly. Joshua would learn to play guitar while living in El Paso. Joshua is known for being the bassist & synth player for Metric.

Another big one is Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. We know that not only has he written a song from his time living in El Paso, but the last time Motley Crue was here, Nikki explained that he went to school in Anthony New Mexico as well as expressed his love for the Sun City.

Also quick mention to Jim Reese, Dalton Powell & Dewayne Quirico. Aka the members who were part of the Bobby Fuller Four.

I love seeing local musicians become huge stars in the music world; here's to more representing El Paso in the future.

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