About 5 hours worth of Def and Motley mayhem ... with a nice helping of some creepy Cooper ... is coming our way.

Here are a few things I learned at a UTEP press conference that you should read before you head for Sun Bowl Stadium.

Some things will be different for this concert so, please read carefully.

It starts really early.

Doors are at 3:45pm, a DJ starts at 5pm and Alice Cooper goes on around 5:45pm.

UTEP is conducting normal business Friday so parking lots will not be open to concert goers until 2pm.

Fans also can't start lining up to get in until 2pm. (Camping is NOT allowed.)

How Do I Get To My Floor Seats?

Floor seat holders must have their tickets scanned and be given a wristband before entering the floor area. If you don't have a wristband, you will be sent all the way back to get one.

A big chunk of the parking lot in front of the Sun Bowl has been closed off to do nothing but check people in.

"Floor seat" holders are especially encouraged to take advantage of that area as the smaller gates will get bogged down with just regular ticket holders.

Check these seating maps to see which entrance will be most convenient for you.

No Parking Zones

The parking area on Sun Bowl Drive, behind the skyboxes, is reserved for season ticket holders only.

The lot by the entrance to the tunnel will also be closed as it's reserved for trucks and as a staging area.

Fun fact: This production requires 19 semis to haul it and a week to build it. About 50 crew members have been in town working since 8/11.

Where Can I Park?

If you bought a concert ticket, you can park in the orange, UTEP, lots for free.

Otherwise, there's a public parking garage at N. Mesa and Glory Road along with street parking all over.

The UTEP garage on Schuster will be open and is also recommended for handicapped parking.

I wouldn't use any of the area business parking lots, you will be towed.

What About Public Transportation?

Sun Metro routes will be running normal schedules as will the Streetcar. Busses and the Streetcar both stop at the parking garage across from the Don Haskins Center.

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The Main Sun Bowl Parking Lot, (off Glory Road) Will NOT Be Available For Parking.

Part of it is for check-in while most is for handicapped parking only. First come, first served there ... more handicapped parking is available in other UTEP parking areas.

How Early Can I Arrive?

Fans can't start lining up until 2pm. UTEP parking lots won't open until 2pm either.

Will Any Roads Be Closed?

No major road closures are planned though there is a possibility Glory Road may be closed between Sun Bowl Drive and the parking garage at Glory Road and Mesa.

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Final Thoughts 'n Tips

It's going to be hot so drink a lot of water (SAFETY LINK) before heading into the Sun Bowl.

I'd take it easy on the pre-gaming festivities too, that sun's intense.

Concessions, merch and port 'a potties will be available in the stadium and down on the floor as well.

Alcohol sales will stop about an hour before the show ends, probably around 9:45.

End of show is expected to be about 10:45.

Normal security procedures will be in effect and the usual items will not be allowed. Weapons, food, drinks, professional camera equipment, laser pointers, umbrellas etc.

No strollers or car seats either and clear bag policies also apply.

Make sure your phone is charged and/or bring a backup battery as there are no charging stations in the Sun Bowl.

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