When you want Mexican food, depending on where you go, there's always going to be a unique spin & twist in the recipes. And there's no shortage of great Mexican restaurants in Texas (due to the fact we're so close to Mexico). But according to a Twitter post by Big Game Boomer, the best Mexican restaurant for Louisiana is actually named after a Texas city: El Paso, Texas.

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Which restaurant is named after El Paso in Louisiana?

According to the Twitter post itself, it lists some of the biggest college towns in the entire United States. If you happen to look at Louisiana, under the restaurant column, you'll cleary see text that says "El Paso":


And sure enough, if you search El Paso restaurants in Louisiana, you will indeed find a place called the El Paso Mexican Grill.

Here's a Google Maps screenshot of the one in Shreveport, Louisiana. There's at least 5 located in the state.

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to their website, to get inspiration for the El Paso style Mexican dishes, their cooks actually travel TO El Paso for inspiration to make sure they get the recipes just right. This wouldn't be the only time we've seen an El Paso inspired restaurant outside of Texas; there's a spot in Las Vegas that takes its inspiration from El Paso & Juarez dishes.

Delicious tacos

What are the best Mexican restaurants in the state of Texas?

The Twitter post also mentioned some colleges from Texas & their favorite restaurants:

I know eating El Paso dishes in Louisiana is different than eating at home; but we certainly appreciate the fact that anyone who lives in El Paso can at least know that home is not too far away.

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