The nightmare before Christmas is very real in El Paso. If you're dreaming a of a dark and twisted Christmas this year, you're in luck.

Watching the Nightmare Before Christmas, a movie about the ghosts and goblins of Halloween Town trying to take over Christmas Town, has become a Christmas tradition for most.

In El Paso though, there's a real Christmas nightmare waiting for you. It's not going to wait long though so, you better go check it out soon.

Forbidden Acres hosts an annual haunted Halloween trail for peeps with the guts to wander along. This year, they didn't exactly put everything away after Halloween.

They tweaked the props, costumes and actors a bit to create the Twisted X - Mas Trail. It combines the joy of Christmas and the holidays with the maniacal, zombie filled, ghost laden traditions of a good haunted house.

Forbidden Acres owner Mary Jean Ehler told KFOX she thinks that:

... this new horror-theme Christmas trail is a good way to bring everyone together during the holidays.

"We are just doing it for everybody. We want everyone to come through and have fun, That's basically it. It's the season for families to come together, and that's what we want to do is to bring families together."

If you think you and yours have the guts for this Creepy Christmas, you'll find it at 13161 Tobacco Road ... north of Montana, east of Rich Beem.

Entry fee is $25 per person, cash only, kids 8 and under get in free. Hours are 7pm to 10pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through December 17th.

For more info, call (915) 256-3088 or visit their Facebook page.

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