Boots made right here in El Paso have been seen in El Chuco, across Texas and throughout the world as well as on rocks biggest stages and even the big screen.

CABOOTS, at 407 E. Nevada, has been making boots for decades. The quiet little shop at Kansas and Nevada has seen their boots all over the world and so, probably, have you.

Ever seen Pirates of The Caribbean? How about Top Gun? The KISS unmasked special on MTV? Then, yep ... you've seen the work of CABOOTS too. See more on their Facebook page.

Joe Sanchez, (aka Joey Mungle .. frontman for El Paso's favorite party band Fungi Mungle), and his wife Priscilla currently run CABOOTS.

Well, actually, Priscilla is really the brains behind it all. Ask anybody ...

Ildefonso Sanchez started making custom boots as Champion Shoe Repair in the 1920's. Joe's parents, Jose and Norma, later brought Justin Boot manufacturing to El Paso.

When Was Caboots First Started?

Priscilla and Joe started CABOOTS, an acronym for Champion Attitude Boots in 1986 and, with Priscilla at the helm, built it into the world renowned business it is today.

Despite the challenges of "going global", CABOOTS has consistently maintained high quality standards, coupled with small business, "one on one", customer relations.

Since then, a lot has happened including a brief dabble in the space race. Seriously, CABOOTS has/have been wrapped around some pretty big feet in the political and entertainment worlds.

Caboots - El Paso's Bootmaker To The Stars

Check out these custom boots made in El Paso by Caboots

Gallery Credit: Dubba G

As you can see, the high and mighty who have worn CABOOTS include politicos like former POTUS Bill Clinton ... not sure if he wore them while with Monika or not ... and former Texas Representative Allen Fletcher.

Not to mention rockers like the members of Poison whose drummer, Rikki Rockett, most recently sported a pair in the "don't rocket til you try it" episode of Tex Mex Motors.

Who Else Has Worn CABOOTS?

Motley Crue and KISS have also had boots made by CABOOTS, (check out Ace Frehley's foot trace in the gallery), as did Queensryche among many others.

"Maverick" from Top Gun and the Pirates of The Caribbean too. Yes, ALL the pirates ... 700 pair were ordered from CABOOTS including Captain Jack Sparrow's. (Played by Johnny Depp)

Check out some of these beautiful boots ... they're more like works of art really ... yourself or, better yet, have your own made to your exact specifications by CABOOTS.

'Ya gotta do something with that Christmas cash, right??

The World's Biggest Boots Are In Texas

Gallery Credit: Dubba G

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