The border between the United States of America and Mexico, the busiest in the world, is a dangerous, scary and very haunted place.

The Border has never exactly been a calm and quiet place as there's always activity ...  good and bad ... taking place.

The activity can also be supernatural.

Border Patrol Agents see it all ... smugglers, human traffickers, illegal aliens, bad guys trying to escape the law by jumping from one country to the other and more.

The Border, as I alluded to above, never really sleeps. When it does, it's usually because something big is about to happen.

Sitting in the middle of nowhere, on a pitch black night, with no idea what may come at you, tensions can run high.

Needless to say, agents are accustomed to that and don't let their imaginations run away with them. Seriously, losing focus could get them killed so I believe the stories in these videos.

Non - Border Patrol residents have stories to tell as well.

According to locals, it is commonplace to see shadows dancing across headlights and hear the echoing whispers of a foreign tongue over the hill or the sounds of mesquite branches breaking in the night. All can be attributed to illegals crossing the terrain despite the lack of human presence during such inexplicable occurrences. -

The US - Mexico border stretches for 1,951 miles and things ... real and supernatural ... happen all along it, not just near El Paso.

Ghosts and spirits roam every inch of it with the freedom to move about either side that humans, Border Patrol or otherwise, do not share.

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