KLAQ is giving you the chance to "go fund yourself" by giving away $30,000. Believe it or not, that's barely enough to cover this common, everyday item.

KLAQ is giving out cash codes, Monday - Friday, for the next couple of weeks from 8am through 5pm. 10 peeps per day score $100.00 and the grand prize winner gets the $30K.

You could do a lot with that kind of money, read on for a few suggestions from me including one item that either you or someone you know already has at least one of.

No, I'm not talking about a house, a car or a motorcycle. Although, those are great ideas and sound things to spend your money on, they're not the "everyday" item I'm talking about.

Another great idea for that 30 grand would be to put it into an IRA or other similar fund. I'm really trying to impart some sound, financial wisdom here. Although, honestly, the best financial advice I could give you would be to NOT take any financial advice from me.

What Common, Everyday Item Costs $30,000?

Enough of the serious stuff, here a way to squander that windfall in one shot, on something that everybody and their mother has. A guitar. Seriously, an acoustic guitar.

A Martin, OM 20th Century Limited Edition Orchestra Acoustic Guitar Natural to be specific.

If you're interested, you better hurry ... they only made 20.

It's nice but my $100 Fender is fine for me. Unless you're in Metallica, making $30 grand an hour, or your last name is Bezos; I'm sure you can probably also "slum" it with something similar.

Things We Spend Money on That Are a Waste of Money

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Helpful Tips to Help You Save Money

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