There are over 22 million vehicles registered in the lone star state and sometimes it feels like there are that many laws related to driving them.

In fact, a new law just went into effect Friday that ups the penalty for drivers who don't have their ID handy when stopped by the Po-Po in Texas.

Speaking of getting stopped by Johnny Law, here are the most likely reasons a Texas driver would be.

Before I read the real list, I made up my own top 10 list of reasons El Paso drivers get stopped.

  1. Speeding
  2. Failure to maintain lane
  3. Racing/unsafe driving
  4. Distracted driving - texting/applying makeup/reading/etc
  5. Running a red light/stop sign
  6. Right on red without complete stop
  7. Unsafe/damaged vehicle
  8. Expired inspection/registration
  9. No turn signal
  10. Failure to secure load

Though not really reasons to be stopped initially, I have a feeling a lot of drivers in El Chuco get a "no insurance" ticket and/or DUI added to whatever did get 'em stopped.

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Ok, as far as the list I found online goes, here's the top 5 ...

  1. Not wearing a seat belt - Not restraining a child or having loose stuff in the car also applies here.
  2. Distracted driving - texting, putting on makeup, reading, etc.
  3. Mechanical issues - Broken headlights, excessive exhaust, no inspection sticker, etc ...
  4. Illegal Maneuvers - Burn outs, racing, etc along with (sometimes) prohibited things like U-turns or right turns on red where signs say not to.
  5. DUI - No explanation needed here.

There you go ... be careful out there.

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