El Paso could see some freezing or even below freezing temps as we enter the coldest months of winter. Don't leave these things in your car on those days.

It got down to 27 degrees last night and the weather peeps are predicting 32 degrees tonight. After that it warms a bit but will eventually get super cold again.

People along the east coast probably giggle at us freaking out over these temps but whether you handle the cold well or not, freezing is freezing and it will damage some things.

You have to be careful what you leave in your car during freezes and some of the things that are sensitive to the cold may surprise you.

First up, there are the obvious things like kids or pets. It's freezing out so, duh ... make sure all living creatures are out of the car and somewhere warm and cozy.

Beverages, especially canned/carbonated ones are kinda bombs waiting to go off. If you don't want a big mess to clean up, bring those things inside.

Aerosal cans ... spray paint, WD-40, hair spray, etc can also blow up on you.

They can also crack so keep them away from freezing temps too.

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Cell phones don't hold up well in freezing temps either, especially when it comes to the batteries.

A minute or two ok but, don't leave them exposed to extreme cold for long.

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Eggs. Another mess waiting to happen.

In fact, you should always be careful how you store food in general.

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Musical instruments can also be damaged by super cold temps.

Wood can crack, valves can be damaged and, at the least, they'll need to be retuned.

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Finally, gas up. be sure you have at least half a tank of gas if it freezes.

This prevents condensation ... check your antifreeze too.

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