Cafe Korea El Paso, Kalbi House, Korea House Restaurant these are all popular Korean restaurants that you can visit in El Paso today. El Paso will be seeing a new one open up in town this month; one that's become a huge chain in the US: Cupbop. And this will be the first Texas location for the popular Korean chain.

What is Cupbop?

If you're unfamiliar with the chain Cupbop, it's a Korean restaurant that serves popular Korean dishes, not on a plate or a bowl, but in a cup. It was started by a man named Junghun Song in 2013. If you watched Shark Tank, you'll remember Jung & his partner Dok Kwon appear on the show, which every investor made an offer for their product.

Cupbop has been serving dishes like Korean BBQ beef/pork/chicken, sweet potato noodles, fried chicken & their Korean corn dogs.

They can be found in over 100 different locations in states like Utah, Oklahoma, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona & Idaho. But that's going to change...

Where is Cupbop opening in El Paso?

As stated before, Cupbop is open in 6 far. If you go to their locations section on the website & you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see a nicely marked "Texas" down there with two locations in El Paso that say "Coming Soon".

  • 12261 Eastlake Blvd., E501
  • 3565 Zaragoza Rd, C-301

Not date yet on when they're opening, but many sources, including El Paso Upcoming, state that they WILL open up later this month. So now besides football this month, we know have another thing to get ready for in September.

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