Windy season has begun in El Paso which means Spring, and snake season, are almost here.

The windy season kicks off Spring in the Borderland and, along with kicking up a you know what load of dust, it will also kick off snake season. Most area snakes are harmless.

Rattlesnakes though need to be respected as they are venomous and one bite can totally ruin your day. Even if you survive, you're in for a rough time.

While reviled by most, they do have a couple of good points. They keep rodents and other pests away and, believe it or not, many people find them quite tasty.

Here are 4 ways to turn these guys into a nice surprise you can bring once the BBQ's and pool parties get going. Or, a great way to never be asked to bring anything ... one of the two.

How Can You Cook Rattlesnake?

Fried seems to be the most common method.

You can get a little "gourmet" with your snake snack and fill it with veggies before you wrap it in bacon.

In Texas, the bbq grill is ... and will always be ... king.

I don't know about the soup idea ...

How Can I Get Rattlesnake Meat?

The hunting is pretty good around here as far as I know but, obviously, it comes with an inherent risk. BE CAREFUL. If you prefer "organic" rattler meat, and you get bit trying to catch it, don't panic. Stay as calm as you can and follow these steps.

You could also just buy some at one of the rattlesnake roundups held around the country. The biggest of them all happens in Sweetwater, Texas. These roundups go back hundreds of years but have recently become somewhat controversial.

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