El Paso is a big city but El Paso county is actually made up of several smaller towns/cities. A whole bunch of 'em

El Paso, Texas is the 6th largest city in Texas and occupies most of El Paso county which also encompasses several "satellite" cities, towns and a village. I was surprised at how many there are in all, the number's WAY bigger than I thought.

El Paso has most of the county with Fort Bliss, the largest training area in the country, taking up the 2nd biggest chunk of the 915. Other places in the county that come to mind immediately are Horizon, Socorro and Fabens. There's still more though ... lots more.

Believe it or not, according to worldpopulationreview.com, there are 19 ... yes, 19 ... cities within El Paso County. (They actually list 20 but one's on their twice.) Some of these I've never heard of and I've been living here for decades. Here's the entire list by population:

  1. El Paso 
  2. Socorro 
  3. Horizon
  4. Fort Bliss
  5. Sam Elizario
  6. Homestead Meadows South (Never heard of it but it's close to Clint.)
  7. Canutillo
  8. Homestead Meadows North (Same here, across from "South" I assume.)
  9. Sparks
  10. Fabens
  11. Anthony
  12. Westway (Kinda heard of this one, somewhere near Canutillo.)
  13. Vinton
  14. Tornillo
  15. Clint
  16. Agua Dulce (Listed twice at 14 & 16, not sure which is correct - near Clint.)
  17. Prado Verde (Upper valley by Canutillo.)
  18. Butterfield (It's way east ... like, Hueco Tanks east.)
  19. Morning Glory (News to me, near Clint.)

I based the locations on what school district handles them. Except Butterfield ... I had to MapQuest that one.

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