Texas has got some cool stuff. Like really big boots, a super long highway and a HUGE beach for example. Dragons too. And no, I didn't take anything before I started this.

Yes, there are dragons in Texas and yes, you absolutely want to leave them the "F" alone ... these little bastards will ruin your whole weekend. They're pretty small but they pack a wallop.

People bitten can experience nausea, pain, vomiting, acute allergic contact dermatitis and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Fortunately, we've been marked 100% safe from there here in the 915. Little too dry around here for them.

Blue Dragons, (aka sea swallows or blue angels) are Tock - SICK and Texas beaches are seeing them in greater numbers than ever this year. Not only can you accidentally swim into a bunch of them, strong winds are blowing them up onto beaches where you can easily step on them. If you don't step on a rattlesnake first - I tell 'ya, Texas beaches aren't for the faint of heart.

Might want to wear shoes at the beach for a while and watch where you swim. Blue Dragons look really cool, a shimmery silver and blue that makes peeps, especially kids, want to examine them. Stick to taking pictures though, handling them will not end well for you.

If you do get stung, USA Today says hot water and vinegar will help but pain pills are really going to be your best bet for a few days.

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