El Paso's very own superhero is officially in the 915! Well, kind of, and I guess you could say that he's not El Paso's superhero anymore.

DC Comics' Blue Beetle hits theaters on August 18 and while many in the Sun City are a bit disappointed in the fact that the movie is not set in El Paso, some are even going so far as to say they're going to boycott it, others are still excited.

In an effort to get movie goers excited, and perhaps to even soften the blow to El Pasoans that the movie isn't set here, DC Studios is giving fans the opportunity to check out the actual Scarab suit worn by Xolo Maridueña in the movie.

The suit will be on display from August 14 to the 28th at Cinemark Tinseltown Las Palmas XD.

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According to the El Paso Times, there will also be a Blue Beetle popcorn bucket, a plush and cups for sale at Tinseltown; but they didn't mention if these will be available in other theaters.

As for the reason why El Paso isn't Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle's home in the movie? According to Comicbook.com, here is what director Angel Manuel Soto had to say about switching the locations:

Superman has Metropolis, Central City for the Flash, Gotham. Why doesn't he have his own city? He's f*cking dope. And that doesn't mean that El Paso is not dope. El Paso is awesome, and El Paso is very much present in the life of the family. But in service of positioning Blue Beetle as a potential leader in the DCU, Palmera City came to life, and thanks to Palmera City as well and the bigger world-building around it is what got us the theatrical."

Despite many El Pasoans being disappointed in the location change, El Paso will still very much be present in the movie. Let us know in the App Chat if you'll be watching Blue Beetle when it premieres on August 18!

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