Things really are bigger in Texas and that includes our love of both football and huge venues to play it in. Especially at the college level, that's where the real monsters are.

The lone star state has 3 of the top 10 biggest stadiums in the United States and all 10 of the "big dogs" are on college campuses.

Not one pro team stadium made the top 10 or even the top 15 for that matter. The first pro stadium to show up on the list, MetLife Stadium in Joy-see, came in at #16 with a seating capacity of 82,500.

When it comes to really Big Azz, mega stadiums, college is where the action is. Seriously, some of their stadiums capacities are bigger than some large city populations.

The first Texas stadium in the top 10 is #4 ... Kyle Stadium in College Station. Kyle seats 102,733 peeps, almost the total population of College Station - 123,238.

Almost everybody in town can attend the game which, being that football is a religion in Texas, they probably all do.

University of Oklahoma Sooners v Texas A&M Aggies
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Darrel K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium has the #7 spot. The home of the Longhorns in Austin is the biggest stadium in the Big 12 Conference.

It can seat 100,119 folks but has a record "max" attendance of 105,213. Almost 5,300 over the usual ... I bet the Austin Fire Department loved hearing that.

UTEP v Texas
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Finally, just making it at #10, comes the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. This one isn't a college stadium, it actually isn't an "anything" stadium.

It's the largest stadium in the country with no "real" resident although it's been used here and there over the years by NFL teams, soccer teams and for certain, championship college games.

It's also a mega concert venue and was home to the Texxas Jam for several years.

It has a capacity of 92,100 but they once crammed 96,009 into it. I think that may have been the night I saw ZZ Top there.

It was crazy packed so I just waited 'til the guard looked the other way and then faded into the crowd.

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