A recent list ranked Texas cities for best/worst traffic. Which list is El Paso on? Drive around El Chuco and you'll decide within minutes. See what the "experts" said here.

El Paso has got plenty of traffic issues. Drivers from other states and countries unfamiliar with local law, road ragers, bad roads.

Don't even get me started on the endless freakin' road construction.

We've got plenty of reasons to be on both lists though. Those were some of the negatives for El Paso traffic, here are a few positives ...

  • Weather - We rarely ever have to drive in snow, sleet, ice, fog, heavy rain, etc. When we do, we lose our s*** mind you but, it's fairly rare.
  • Wide, open roadways - I-10, US 54 and most other highways are pretty well maintained, smooth and wide.
  • Multiple routes - I-10 blocked? Take Trans Mountain. Trans Mountain closed? Use 54 to get to 10. 54 shut down? Use Trans Mountain or the Anthony Gap, etc, etc.

We have a very unique traffic yin and yang thing going here and, if you pay attention and know what you're doing, moving around isn't as hard as some make it out to be.

Where Are The Best And Worst Cities For Traffic In Texas?

All that being said, here are the top 4 best and worst traffic spots in the lone star state:

Best = Sugar Land, Allen, Round Rock and Flower Mound. (I have no idea where most of those are.)

Worst = Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Not surprisingly, those are also the biggest, most populated cities in Texas.

A ton of peeps will raise the number of problems by default. As for El Paso, we're a fairly big city, (#6 in Texas), with fairly moderate traffic problems.

I give El Chuco a C- and put us midway on the best list. For "big city" driving anyway.


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