El Paso and our New Mexico neighbors ... Texas and New Mexico in general ... love to talk smack about each others driving abilities.

Most of the complaints are legit and, honestly, neither state is much better or worse than the other.

Here a few ways you can tell you're driving in the Borderland.

There are all kinds of ways to drive badly, these are just a few things I see happen the most around here.

  • Drivers staying in a lane that's going to end until the very last minute then forcing their way into an available lane.
  • Pulling into an intersection to turn left, sitting until the light has turned red, then trying to back up instead of going on through.
  • Sitting through a green light, then scooting through on the yellow, making everyone else sit through the light again.
  • Maintaining top speed during bad weather conditions or in work zones.
  • Stopping with half to 3/4 of the vehicle poking into the intersection.
  • Going through intersections they can see they can't get all the way through, then sitting there blocking cross traffic.
  • Stopping at a "protected" right turn on red, waiting for it to turn green, then turning right.
  • Not stopping or pulling over for emergency vehicles.

It's not just us.

There are bad drivers all over the southwest.

In places like Alamogordo ...

And Las Cruces has some goofballs too.

This video is probably NSFW.

There's a little language towards the end.

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