The Army Of God convoy that has been all over the news lately finally made its way through the Borderland Thursday to little, if any, fanfare.

In size, the group was far from the hundreds of thousands they claimed to have and their visit was pretty quiet. No border rally was held nor were there any protests by them or against them.

Take Our Border Back had originally claimed to have hundreds of thousands of vehicles and some within the convoy were said to be armed sparking concerns there might be violence.

Potential convoy-ers arrived from Dripping Springs, Texas saying they had shrunk in numbers on the way to Vado and only one camper made the trip. Seriously, 1.

Reports from the main convoys starting point in Virginia said there were fewer of them there than expected.

Reports from other gathering points gave slightly larger numbers but they were also still WAY lower than the 700,000 originally claimed by the group.

It's still uncertain what will happen when they arrive at their other rallying points but Vado seems to have been nothing more than a prayer meeting/gas stop/sleepover.

The convoy has been picking up people along the way and how many will arrive at the actual rally spots remains to be seen. Hopefully, there will be no trouble and things will stay calm and quiet.

For now, fortunately, it seems like this 'protest" has been a whole lotta smoke without much fire.

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