The 700,000 strong, so called "Army of God", that intended to raise hell along the Texas border apparently needs better recruiters. And better security.

The "mighty convoy", (cue C. W. McCall), was supposed to start out in Virginia, make its way to Florida, then drive across the country to border rallies in Texas, Arizona and California.

They didn't get off to a really great start in Virginia as some members woke to find their tires slashed, only about 20 of the expected/promised 700,000 showed up and the owner of their proposed meeting place wouldn't let them in.

The so called "Army of God" has been all over the media lately touting a 700,000 vehicle convoy set to hit border towns in 3 states to hold rallies and, I guess, intimidate politicians and migrants alike.

700K might have done the trick but, according to Business Insider, they didn't get quite that many in Va. Not 700K. Not 100K. They didn't even make it to 100 ... without the "K".

Meanwhile, WKRG reported seeing about 150 vehicles roll through Alabama and 40 trucks were seen in Florida. The group, known as Take Our Border Back, seems to be picking up people in each city it visits on its way to Texas.

Business Insider says only about 20 people showed up at the starting line and one of them apparently got thrown out of the group along the way. Although a spokesman claimed 4,000 trucks ... still a far cry from 700,000 ... were on their way.

Sure good buddy, that's a big 10-4. Seriously, initial reports made it sound like these guys were for real and their was a good chance altercations, possibly violent, were coming.

Doesn't look like that today. If they do decide to proceed, no matter how many of them there are, they will pretty much have to come through here so, keep your eyes open.

If they do, I have a feeling Virginia will seem pretty damn welcoming compared to how they'll be received along the actual border.

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