Whether the time is near, a little bit down the road or decades away, everyone retires at some point.

Once you figure out when, then the next question is where?

2 cities in Arizona made Consumer Affairs' top 10 list of the worst cities to retire in for the state and one took the top spot.

Despite having long been a haven for retiree's, not ALL of Arizona is a good idea as far as where to spend the "golden years".

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Lake Havasu City earned the "dis" honor of being the worst place in Arizona for peeps to retire.  Flagstaff also made the top, (well, "bottom" I guess), 10 at #6.

To help you decide the best place for retirement, the Consumer Affairs Research Team examined a range of factors, including financial (cost of rent, food, utilities and transportation) and quality of life (weather and temperature, walkability, access to green spaces) factors, as well as elements like the percentage of population 65 and older, crime rates, cultural and physical activities and access to health care. Consumer Affairs

I never really thought about Texas being a retirement hotspot like Arizona and Florida are but we are popular with the seniors.

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In our case, El Paso and McAllen also made the top 10 but we did it in the top 10 BEST category. El Paso, #5, and McAllen, #6, came in side by side.

Corpus Christi made the top 20 "best" cities list while Arizona had no cities at all on that list. Take that AZ.

PS: We have better gunfights too. Just sayin'...

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