A move that is only, "sort of" legal in the Grand Canyon State is confusing the you know what out of Arizona bikers.

Lane splitting, riding a motorcycle between two lanes of cars, is illegal in Texas and every other state except California.  Lane "filtering, riding your bike between cars to get in front of them when they're stopped, is only legal in 4 states; Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii and Montana.

Legal, yes. Simple, no. It's only legal in certain cases and that's what has bikers ... in Arizona and Colorado at least ... confused AF.

Lane splitting, as I said, is a no - no in every state except California. Which, in my humble opinion, is dumb. When done properly, it's safer for bikers, lessens traffic and keeps air-cooled motorcycle engines from overheating.

That's another article though since Texas keeps kinda going back and forth on the subject and other states are considering it. We'll have to wait and see how it goes with all of them.

Lane filtering is also illegal in the lone star state. In the states where it is allowed, it's complicated. Here's how Arizona does it:

Some parameters must be followed to use lane filtering legally. For example, all traffic must be at a complete stop, the speed limit can’t be more than 45 miles an hour, the road must have two or more adjacent lanes in the same direction of travel, and the motorcycle can not filter through more than 15 miles an hour. - azfamily.com

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