Living in the desert, sometimes the best way to cool off is by going to a water park. Here in El Paso, Texas we have many choices; Wet n Wild, the 4 City Water parks, Biggs Park & most recently the water park at The Elmont. The same when you go to Arizona; some of the big names include Phoenix's Oasis Water Park, the Great Wolf Lodge in Scottsdale or the Golfland Splashpark in Mesa. Now there's another water park in Arizona people have talking about: the adult obstacle course located in Peoria, Arizona.

Paqua Park is home to Arizona's "Adult Obstacle Course"

Located in Lake Pleasant, Arizona, it's definitely hard to miss the giant floating course on the lake. Its full name is the Paqua Park at Scorpion Bay Marina; what people have been talking about is how daunting it is to get through the course without falling in the water.

By watching videos on what the park has; I think it certainly has the makings to be a great starting point for any future ninja warriors. El Paso has already seen 3 try out for the show in the past (there's even a ninja warrior course at Urban Air for kids to try as well) & since the goal of ninja warrior involves NOT falling in the water... it certainly seems like it could be a very tricky course to conquer for anyone willing to take the challenge.

Knowing my physique, there's no way I'd be able to take one the obstacle course. I'd fall in the water so quickly and wouldn't stand a chance. But at least the water would cool you off in the heat just in case you fall in.

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