New Mexico is loaded with beautiful places, big and small. Here are a few to consider for your next day trip or weekend getaway.

New Mexico is a beautiful place across the board. C'mon, they don't call it the "land of enchantment" for nothing.

Sure, it's got its minuses ... small town crime rates are, in some cases, the highest ... but the plusses far outweigh them.

A list posted by named the small towns they consider the states most beautiful. I admit, it's pretty hard to argue with them.

Here's their top 9 list with a few of my thoughts on them:

53rd annual UFO Encounter in Roswell, New Mexico
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  • Aztec - OK, I admit it. I've never even heard of this place. It's got some history though.
  • Silver City - Don't get me started. One of my most favorite places in New Mexico. Highly recommended and an easy-peasy day trip from El Paso
  • Red River - I went snow skiing there once. Once. That's how well I did.
  • Los Alamos - A must see for fans of Oppenheimer and nuclear bomb buffs.

If you start anywhere west of central, you could be in Mesilla in under an hour. From the upper valley, 20 - 30 minutes.

My advice? Forget I-10, take Highway 28.

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