Anyone who's ever watched Kitchen Nightmares or Hotel Hell knows the insanity Gordon Ramsay has faced in every business he's ever visited. We've talked about his visit to Las Cruces (and if the hotel is still around). But now we're going to talk about what is perhaps the most popular episode of Kitchen Nightmares. The one that took place in Scottsdale, Arizona ran by a lady named Amy.

Yes the place we're talking about is Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale

NOTE: The following video clips DO contain strong language & are NSFW

In Season 6 Episode 16 of Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay would visit the Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale that was owned by Sami & Amy Bouzaglo. The episode would air May 10, 2013 (over 10 years ago). If you watched the show, you probably remember the crazy antics that happened on the show. But if you need a recap, here's a short recap.

And if that short 3 minute video doesn't convince, you can see the ENTIRE episode for yourself.

That wouldn't be the only time Gordon would appear at Amy's Baking Company

The very next season, Gordon would REAPPEAR for the Season 7 premiere and well...things would get even crazier.

So where is Amy's Bakery Company now?

After it appeared on the show, the business would be under new ownership & eventually shut down in 2015. But Amy would continue making pastries & post on her Instagram page so she would still continue baking.

The fascination for Amy's Bakery Company continued long after the show

Many YouTube channels have gone into great details in analyzing the episode & have posted their reactions online; like PewDiePie or The Fool.

Even after all this time, people are still fascinated with what happened on the show & judging by how popular the videos are that talk about ABC, it'll stay relevant for some quite time.

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